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The Prometheus conference — August 25 - 26 in Berlin

Talk abstract

Full Stack Metrics with Triton's Native Prometheus Support

Speaker: Richard Kiene / Tim Gross

Triton is the open source data center automation solution that powers public cloud and private data centers world-wide. In early 2016, Joyent undertook a project to expose infrastructure and system for every instance — including infrastructure containers, Docker containers, and hardware virtual machines — using a Prometheus-compatible agent. The project, called Triton Container Monitor and described in our public request for discussion,, takes advantage of container-native architecture, kstats, and other native introspection tools.

Additionally, developers need tools to expose up-stack application metrics to Prometheus. ContainerPilot, the open source, application-centric micro-orchestrator that makes it easy to build and operate portable application containers, now features a Prometheus-compatible telemetry interface to monitor application performance with user-defined probes. This interface brings monitoring directly to the container and eliminates the dependence on complex host monitoring for application-specific details.

In this session, Container Monitor lead engineer Richard Kiene will discuss the challenges and successes of implementing Prometheus as a native interface in Triton, and ContainerPilot lead engineer Tim Gross will demonstrate ContainerPilot telemetry and discuss the application-level decisions around defining metrics to drive application scaling.

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