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The Prometheus conference — August 25 - 26 in Berlin

Talk abstract

Multitenant, Scale-Out Prometheus

Speaker: Tom Wilkie

In this talk we'll present a prototype solution for multitenant, scale-out Prometheus.

Our solution turns a lot of the Prometheus architectural assumptions on its head, by marrying a scale-out PromQL query engine with a storage layer based on DynamoDB. We have disaggregated the Prometheus binary into a microservices-style architecture, with separate services for query, ingest, alerting rules and storage. By designing all these services as fungible replicas, this solution can be scaled out with ease and failure of any individual replica can be dealt with gracefully.

This multitenant, scale-out Prometheus service forms a core component of the Weave Service, a hosted management, monitoring and visualisation platform for microservice & containerised applications. This platform is built from 100% open source components, and we're working with the Prometheus community to contribute all the changes we've made back to Prometheus.

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