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The Prometheus conference — August 17 - 18 in Munich

Talk abstract

Lightning Talks Day One

Lightning talks are 5 minutes each.

#1 - Things You Wish You Never Knew About the Prometheus Remote Write API

Speaker: Tom Wilkie

Video link - Slides

#2 - Getting into Prometheus Development as a Beginner

Speaker: Conor Broderick

Video link - Slides

#3 - Event-Driven Operations with Prometheus

Speaker: Harm Weites

Video link - Slides

#4 - Experiences Monitoring Measurement Lab

Speaker: Stephen Soltesz

Video link - Slides (external link)

#5 - Prometheus as a Core of Percona Monitoring and Management System

Speaker: Roma Novikov, Alexey Palazhchenko

Video link

#6 - Styx

Exporting Data from Prometheus, for Science!

Speaker: Matthias Loibl

Video link - Slides

More info: webpage

#7 - Using Prometheus For Container Resource Consumption Estimates

Speaker: Michael Hausenblas

Video link - Slides

#8 - Running and Monitoring Your Own Mail Server

Speaker: Jonas Große Sundrup

Video link - Slides

#9 - gStation Nertwork SLO Analytics

Speaker: Deepak Kakadia

Video link

#10 - Rule 110 for Prometheus

Speaker: Brian Brazil

Video link - Slides

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