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Talk abstract

Prometheus For Agile Ops Teams

Speaker: Andrew Burian

In this presentation we talk about Axiom Zen’s long and colourful history trying to find a working monitoring solution, and how eventually giving up the silver bullet and working with a vendor neutral solution that we could gradually build out into a complete pipeline was the right way to go.

We develop software in an agile fashion, delivering value incrementally, and pivoting as real requirements play out. So too should we build our monitoring. There exists no magic bullet for your metrics set up that will work for every team. Only time and hard fought lessons will enable teams to figure out what’s right for your specific case. So why is it that metrics pipeline set up and vendor selection feels like an all or nothing solution? Why do we guess for so long at our requirements, and then laboriously add in vendor specific code just to find in a few weeks, months, years, that you guessed wrong and actually your needs are better served in a different way. Come learn from some of our most painful lessons.

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