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The Prometheus conference — August 17 - 18 in Munich

Talk abstract

Lightning Talks Day Two

Lightning talks are 5 minutes each.

#1 - 50% Cluster Utilization and Beyond with Prometheus

Removing the Blindfold with Prometheus

Speaker: Stephan Erb

Video link - Slides

#2 - Instrumenting Java Web Applications without Modifying their Source Code

Speaker: Fabian Stäber

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#3 - Monitoring Blue/Green Deployments with Prometheus

Speaker: Darragh Grealish

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#4 - Monitoring MySQL Replication Delay with mysqld_exporter & pt-heartbeat

Speaker: Julien Pivotto

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#5 -Prometheus in Debian: 2 Years on

Speaker: Martín Ferrari

Video link - Slides

#6 - Monitoring CI/CD Metrics

Speaker: Gaurav Kumar

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#7 - mouldy: Thermo-, Baro-, and Hygrometer with Prometheus

Speaker: Nicolai von Neudeck

Video link - Slides

#8 - Yet Another Prometheus Data Science Tool

Speaker: Chris Niemira

Video link

#9 - Distributed Blackbox Monitoring

Speaker: Johannes Ziemke

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#10 - kube-state-metrics

What's Missing in Kubernetes Monitoring with Prometheus

Speaker: Frederic Branczyk

Video link - Slides

#11 - Backing up Prometheus

Speaker: Goutham Veeramachaneni

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#12 - [email protected]

Speaker: Richard Hartmann

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