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The Prometheus conference — August 09 - 10 in Munich

Talk abstract

Observability and Product Release: Leveraging Prometheus for Building and Testing New Products at Digital Ocean

Speaker: Sneha Inguva

The pillars of observability have long been accepted as key components of any microservice-in-production. But what about those new products - those new features - that have yet to be released? Properly instrumenting and leveraging metrics at this stage is perhaps even more crucial; when a product is yet to be released, identifying and addressing early bugs is critical.

Within this talk, I will discuss how we have leveraged Prometheus to properly instrument and test features within the software-defined networking pillar at Digital Ocean. I will highlight instrumentation, key visualizations, as well as takeaways from our experience. Perhaps even more importantly, I will touch upon areas that we can certainly improve upon. Listeners - especially those on product teams - will be able to utilize these learnings and hopefully apply them before their releases as well.

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