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The Prometheus conference — November 07 - 08 in Munich

Talk abstract

Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity: Cortex and Thanos

Speakers: Bartlomiej Plotka and Tom Wilkie

Perhaps some of the success of the original Prometheus project can be attributed to the desire to keep it simple: no dependencies, no trendy distributed systems, a single binary with a simple mission. This approach left some problems unsolved - how do you scale your Prometheus installation across multiple sites? How do you ensure your metrics are durably stored for long term analysis? And how do you build a monitoring system that can transparently tolerate machine failure? In this talk, we introduce two of the most popular solutions to these problems: Cortex and Thanos. Both CNCF projects, Cortex and Thanos share many components with Prometheus, but they take a fundamentally different approach to how these pieces are joined together. This talk will help you understand the different tradeoffs these two projects have taken, give you an understanding of where each project’s strengths lie and help you decide which of these projects is best for you.

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